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Mechacon Mechanical Engineering
This is Mechacon
Machines to rotate, tilt and swivel large components.
  • Mechacon Maschine
  • Mechacon Maschine
  • Mechacon Maschine
Mechanical Concept

MECHACON stands for “Mechanical Concept”. We offer machines to rotate, turn and position large components. Our machines are designed and built according to the individual client requirements and distinguish themselves through high user-friendliness, machine safety and robust construction. Positioning, rotating and automatic handling is our daily challenge.

MECHACON was founded in Soest in 2007. Our employees have many years of experience in engineering and manufacturing welding/rotating devices. We offer individual engineering services for your application as well as the manufacturing and commissioning of machines and plants.

Our Services
  • Competent consultation
  • Planning and construction of machines and devices
  • Manufacturing of machines and devices
  • Commissioning and final acceptance with the client
  • Service and maintenance
Our Markets
  • Boiler, silo and container construction
  • Silo and tank vehicle construction
  • Pipeline construction
  • Mechanical, plant and equipment engineering
  • Turbine and generator construction
  • Manufacturers of rollers
  • Specialised welding services