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hochpräzise Positioniervorrichtung
Rotary Positioner for Pipe and Flange Welding (circumferential welds) SDV250-P400-SPF
Flanges, pipe joints DN 20-400mm
Max. workpiece weight 250 kg
Jaws rotary speed Customer specified
Speed control range, variable speed 1:20 – 1:200
Workpiece gripping Quickset chuck with handweel (4-jaws self-centering gripper scroll chuck)
Centre spacing 1.500 mm

Highly precise positioning device

This highly precise positioning device equipped with prismatic support surfaces and lifting device is used for rotating and positioning cylindrical components which, due to their high net weight, cannot be clamped and rotated by means of a standard dividing head. This device is intended for a component weight of up to 120 t. It is used on portal milling machines, boring or radial drilling machines for discontinuous processing of contours. In order to position the component, it is hydraulically lifted and progressively rotated by means of servo drive technology with controller feedback.


The Rhönrad is used for angular components without surrounding cylindrical surfaces. It is a cost-effective rotating device for large and heavy components which have to be rotated for the corresponding work process. The Rhönrad has to be designed according to the desired components, since especially clamping and the component centroid can lead to unforeseen movements. Additionally, the Rhönrad can be equipped with a manual rotation stage on the bridge.

mobile work platform

A mobile work platform suitable for lifting people and/or material was developed specifically for the purpose of manufacturing large industri-al boilers. The platform moves on rails along the boiler. Its height is ad-justed with a 2-stage hydraulic system. In addition, the equipment can turn so the work platform may be located either on the right or the left side of the boiler. Due to differences in boiler diameters, the work plat-form may has an extra option of titling at +- 45° angle, to compensate the difference in the distance between the work platform and the boiler. The work platform is controlled by an operator standing on work plat-form. Type examination required for work platform commissioning (Di-rective 2006/42/EC, Annex IX)!